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Konik horses well received in Cantabria
December 30, 2012

The koniks which left the Netherlands last week arrived all and well into the Cantabrian Mountains. Two harems which have been donated by FREE Nature were reintroduced together with animals donated by the Groninger Landschap.

Dutch Grazers help rewilding Cantrabrian Mountains
December 19, 2012

Wednesday the 19th of December a group of 27 konik horses, owned by FREE Nature, left for the Cantabrian Mountains. They will be introduced into a unique wilderness project, where they will join a number of other wild herbivores.

New hope for “extinct” European Caspian Tigers
August 28, 2012

Recent genetic studies showed that the Caspian and Amur subspecies should be considered as one subspecies. This raises new hopes for reintroduction in the former Caspian Tigers range, including several European countries.

Elk on the move
August 9, 2012

European wildlife is doing well. It is slowly recolonizing its former range. Recently a small population of at least ten animals colonized the Bavarian Forest.

FREE Nature celebrates its first lustrum
June 20, 2012

FREE Nature celebrated its fifth anniversary together with customers, suppliers and business relations at the 15th of June. Celebrations were held within the old castle of Loevestein.

Rewilded grazers meet Latvian wolves
June 11, 2012

There are two main differences between wild Dutch and Latvian grazers. For one winters are much more severe, and secondly, this time they can come face to face with wolves.

Wild horses also indigenous in the US
May 15, 2012

During last decades within Europe we are gaining more knowledge and experience with wild horses. Within the USA until recently the animals were considered as an exotic species.

Wild Horses towards Ost Friesland
May 7, 2012

At the end of April a herd of wild konik horses was released in a nature reserve in Ost Friesland, Germany. The reserve is managed by the Germany nature organization the NABU.

Pecking order fights
May 2, 2012

To be successful in the wild, one has to battle for its rank. This is not only true for male animals, but also for cows and sometimes for entire herds.

Fifth anniversary Bison Project Kraansvlak
April 24, 2012

At Tuesday the 24th of April 2012, it was exactly five years ago that the First 3 European bison arrived at the Kraansvlak. The first five years of this pilot project gave us a lot of new insights.

European grasslands as diverse as tropical rain forests
March 16, 2012

What is the most species-rich place on earth, the tropical rainforests of Southern America? An international study questions this. The European grasslands are perhaps just as divers!

FREE Nature launches English website
February 27, 2012

Today FREE Nature launches its English website. The Foundation for Restoring European Ecosystems aims to restore the European wildernesses.

Wild waterbuffalo in holocene Europe
January 27, 2012

We know that Bubalus Murrensis, the wild European waterbuffalo, was present in Europe during the pleistocene. Riverine habitats and close surrounding areas, seems to have been the habitat of choice of the waterbuffalo.

Where did the wild horse go?
January 10, 2012

Wild horses have been an intricate part of the wildlife of Europe since hundreds of thousands of years. During historical times, wild horses have been described by contemporaries from the ancient period, untill the 19th century AD.

Lancering nieuwe website
January 4, 2012

Na enkele maanden voorbereiding is het dan eindelijk zover. FREE Nature lanceert haar nieuwe website. Vanaf vandaag is al het nieuws van FREE Nature te volgen via onze gloed nieuwe website.