FREE Nature restores natural areas in which nature is able to form itself. By rewilding our landscapes we restore the natural balance which was formed by the evolution of species. Through connecting landscapes, large herbivores can once again migrate from one area to the next. Reintroduction of locally extinct species like beaver, European bison, wild horses and bovines, resets the natural balance. Large predators like wolves and bears play an important role in maintaining this balance. Within naturally high animal densities, large herbivores can truly shape our nature and fully show their social behaviour.

By continuously searching for missing links, by reactivating these natural processes or reintroducing these missing species, piece by piece we make our nature more complex all the time. Higher complexity within nature means lots of different niches, habitats and micro habitats come into existence, ever enlarging our biodiversity.

We’re forming new coalitions all the time. Not only we work with “green” organizations. In many of our project we’re partnered by municipalities, water companies, electricity companies, sand or clay industry and others alike. Creating newer wilder place.