Herd management

Managing herds of semi wild horses and cattle is one of the cornerstones of FREE Nature. They provide natural dynamics and play a unifying role between humans, animals and nature. Where rewilded herds appear, they are managed and guided during their process of de-domestication. FREE Nature holds responsibility for its animals.

FREE Natures herds are social herds, with young and older animals, males and females. Births, ranking fights and bull pits are all part of this. Natural grazing with wild animals and rewilded herds are among the natural processes which have formed our landscapes. Many species have co-evolved with grazers like wild horses, deer and aurochs. FREE Natures herds don’t receive preventive medical treatment. This prevents leaching of drugs into our ecosystems. Instead we trust in the resistance of our animals.

Rewilding herds means letting go as much as possible. All within legal frameworks. FREE Nature has the knowledge and skills to provide our animals to live as naturally as possible and still take care of the herds when needed. In need of rewilded herds of horses or bovines, please contact through esther.linnartz@freenature.eu.