FREE people 

The most vulnerable wildernesses are the ones we can’t see. When people can come to visit and enjoy in a responsible way, it is the best guarantee for nature protection; involvement. The areas in which FREE Nature is active are freely accessible for the public, so you can see for yourself what our method yields.

And let’s face it, what is more beautiful and exciting than to freely roam the wilderness. Getting amazed by new meadows, fields or small trails, again and again. Seeing male red deer getting face to face during the rut. Finding tracks of bear or wolves, knowing they can’t be far off. Seeing a big herd of wild horses galloping by. Flying eagles or vultures casting shadows on the ground. A group of bison vanishes into the woods. You never knew that such a big animal could be so silent. Life is all around you, excitement and adventure everywhere.

Is this the future of our wild areas, our wildlife, our wildernesses. An experience that rivals that of the wildlife parks of Africa, India or northern America. Safari at your doorstep. A wild life that we enjoy as free people.