Natural grazing

Our natural surroundings used to be rich in thousands of plant species, food for many species of animals. By small herbivores such as rabbits, caterpillars and geese, but also by larger ones like deer, wild horses, wild boar, elk, European bison and aurochs. The bigger the animal, the bigger its influence on its surroundings. Natural grazing created grasslands, herbaceous fields, thickets, bushes, forests and all transitions in between.

Over the centuries wild areas were cultivated more and more, landscapes focussed on the production of crops and meet arose. Separate areas were given different meanings with sharp borders in between. Wild animals were hunted, domesticated or driven away to the flinches of our continent or even into Asia. Wild horses and aurochs turned into petting ponies and modern day cattle. Together with the disappearance of these wild animals, the ecological connection between plants and grazers vanished form our nature. A huge impoverishment.

FREE Nature restores this connection between plants and animals into full blossom, by connecting areas and reintroducing lost species. Horses and cattle are being rewilded to reclaim the natural places of their ancestors. In this way ecosystems can be restored to a state in which they can regulate themselves, thus gaining in biodiversity.