FREE Nature offerings

FREE Nature works on all levels of restoration of European Nature. FREE Nature does this in both large wild new wildernesses as well as on small local estates. Even in smaller areas of only a few acres, a lot can be achieved by using a small group of semi wild grazers. On larger areas the natural processes of wind, water and weather are restored. Lost indigenous animals like European bison, deer, saiga, wild horses and bovines (aurochs) are reintroduced. With increasing size, nature gives more space for complete ecosystem restoration. Wild herds can once again show their natural behaviour and different species of grazers can live amongst each other. If given the right circumstances wild herbivores might one day migrate again from one area to the next.

FREE Nature manages both small and larger areas with its own horses and bovines. From erecting fences, monitoring herds, organizing wildlife excursions, safaris and tours to being a host or hostess to your wildernesses. FREE Nature works on wildlife management plans for its own herds, as well as for third parties and write management plans, advice and entire visions for our natural future.

Again and again we involve local people in these processes. Take them on explorative journeys in their “own” backyard. Using this methodology we not only work on a sustainable natural development but also on sustainable support from local communities.